Dragon Phoenix was founded in 1963 by Master Chef Hooi Kok Wai (PBM). The first Dragon Phoenix was a 100 seater restaurant located in Maxwell Road (current location of a Church). With his interesting culinary creations such as Yusheng, Chili Crab, Yam Basket, Kyoto Pork Ribs, the outlet soon became a household name among Cantonese food lovers.



Dragon Phoenix expanded to a 300 seater restaurant in Middle Road (current location of NAFA) to cope with it's growing popularity. Besides catering to the growth in ala-carte dining, this location has also provided us with opportunities to capture weddings and other banqueting events. Groups of customers were seen leisurely cracking shells of our Chili Crabs, enjoying our Yam Basket and Spring Chicken. It was also the place where our Yusheng begin to popularized.

Today, dishes like Chili Crab, Yam Basket, Kyoto Pork Ribs have became standard items on menus of many eateries, and Yusheng has became part of Singapore's food culture. Middle Road is the place we built our strength in both ala catre and banquet markets for future growth.


1970 - 2000

To cater for more Ala-carte dining and wedding banquets, Dragon Phoenix expanded to a 1,000 seater restaurant with two banquet halls located in Outram Park (existing empty land opposite General Hospital). From 1963 to 1970, we have grown from a small eating establishment to one with an industrial size kitchen and 15,000 sq. ft. of dining space.

It was our home for 30 years, from 1970 to year 2000, serving as a springboard for Dragon Phoenix, to serve more of walk-in guests and thousands of wedding couples that are still carrying with them the wonderful memories of their big day. Among them are local political elite Dr. Ho Kah Leong and renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Woffles Woo. Besides proving our strength in banqueting, we continue to dish out honest and non-pretentious foods for our customers and have won praises from many prominent food critics. Giving way to government's redevelopment plan, Dragon Phoenix moved out of Outram Park in year 2000.

Dragon Phoenix is one of the favorite restaurants of renowned food critic Mr. Chai Lan. The article on the left features his visit to film a food show for Hong Kong's TV station TVB. Zaobao 20th Sept 1999


2000 - Present

  • Food & Entertainment Guide for Executives - Excellent Food Award (2000 - 2003).
  • Singapore Tatler - Singapore's Best Restaurants (2001 - 2004).
  • 2002 National Creative Circle Award - Sliver (Branding Ad.).
  • 2006 Top Ten Chili Crab Restaurants Voted by Zaobao Readers.
  • 2006 Best Dim-sum Restaurants Voted by Zaobao Readers.


In year 2004, our Founder is appointed as one of the senior Culinary Advisers for the Singapore Food Festival, to conceptualize and execute two Charity Galas as the highlights of the festival. Both Charity Galas have received overwhelming responds and gained much media attention around the region. In 2006, Dragon Phoenix ended the operation in Valley Point upon the expiration of the lease agreement.

Prior to the end of our lease with Valley Point, Dragon Phoenix started a new entity in 2005 to partner with Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore, an International renowned four-star hotel chain under the flagship of the Accor Group. The property has 400 over rooms with banqueting facilities that can host up to 1,000 guests. Besides operating the Chinese Restaurant, we also cater for the hotel's banquet events, Seminar Luncheons, & Corporate Dinners on a revenue sharing basis.

The current location provides tremendous opportunities for us to display our strengths in both ala-carte dining and banqueting. This twist in our business model allowed us to diversify our market from a heavily B-to-C reliant model, to a well balanced platform of both B-to-B and B-to-C.

Today, 80% of our staff are computer literate, our Chinese New Year e-booking platform has driven a total of 7,118 visits to our website with an absolute unique visitors of 5,624 in the month of Jan. 2012.